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Snowflake 2023

Life of a Future Wildcat - Inspiring Healthy Minds and Bodies in Our Future Wildcats!

WHEN: Friday, November 10th from 5-9pm WHERE: Libertyville High School WHO: 7th and 8th Grade future Wildcats from HMS,OGS, Rondout, St. Joes, and the Choice Zone WHAT: A night of small group activities, LHS studentspeakers, pizza, dance party, and FUN! COST: $25 fee (need-based scholarships available)
Snowflake 2023. Life of a Future Wildcat. Inspiring Healthy Minds & Bodies in Our Future Wildcats

Background Operation Snowball (for high school students) and Operation Snowflake (for middle school students) started in Illinois in the 1980s as a primary prevention program in schools and communities as an effort to keep teens healthy and thriving. The programs have evolved over time. “Prevention” for these programs in the early days focused primarily on drug and alcohol prevention. This emphasis continues, but now as part of a bigger whole that also emphasizes the development of the whole person. In planning each Snowflake or Snowball event, the driving themes focus on positive social development, interpersonal awareness, and healthy decision-making. With mental health concerns continuing to rise across the globe, the need for programs helping teens be resilient are more important than ever. Specific to Libertyville In the recent past, Snowflake was offered as a joint program between Oak Grove and the Hawthorn Middle Schools. In 2021-2022, LHS student leaders advocated for a Libertyville-specific Snowflake that would bring together students who would eventually be attending LHS together–students from HMS, OGS, St. Joe’s, and Rondout. What happens at a Snowflake event? 7th and 8th graders from all feeder schools are invited to an evening at LHS. They engage in a highly social experience with interest-based activities and small discussion groups led by LHS student leaders. The evening concludes with a dance. Parent involvement with Snowflake We welcome parent volunteers at Snowflake! Please indicate your interest when registering your child. Is there a “type” of student this is best for? We want to welcome students from all walks of life and varying interests. This will be similarly reflected in the representation of student leaders. Snowflake is not a form of therapy or counseling. Snowflake is about welcoming all students. We will have high school “buddies” from our Best Buddies club for any middle school students with special needs. Please note that at Snowflake, we have high expectations for behavior. Students who are disruptive to the positive experience of other students and are not responsive to redirection will be removed from the program and pick-up from parents will be required. What is new this year? This year, we continue to evolve and will feature high school mentors beyond small group leadership and bring them into leading activities. In addition, 7th and 8th graders will have the opportunity to choose interest-specific sessions led by high school mentors, e.g., sessions geared toward athletes, art-based activities, etc. Replacing a typical motivational-type speaker, LHS math teacher and musician, Cam Wieczorek, will lead an interactive keynote session with his guitar and singing. The student leaders are eager to focus specifically on wellness as middle schoolers are currently laying down physical and mental habits often informed by social media. Recognizing the power of peer influence, the Snowflake leadership team is eager to inspire healthy minds and bodies. Need confidential financial assistance? Please contact Registration will remain open until the 125 student capacity is reached.
Libertyville Snowflake 2023 - November 10 at LHS FAQs for Parents

Need financial assistance? Please contact

Registration will stay open until the 125 student capacity is reached.

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